BG Tape Laminator

Back Grinding Process (Video Clips)

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  1. Unique Tape Lamination Format
    This laminator is mounted with the very latest TTC* system (patent registered) for preventing bow or damage to ultra-thin wafers. Capable of high precision tension control during tape lamination, the equipment substantially reduces residual stress to thin wafers after back grinding.
  2. Use of a Multi-joint Robotic Arm
    Features a multi-joint robotic arm (patent application completed) for wafer handling and tape cutting within the laminator. In tape cutting, a high precision cutting surface is obtained through accurate control of cutter angles, with no problems during back grinding.
  3. High Operability Realized
    A high degree of operability is realized through improvements in the functions on the dialogue-type touch panel located on the front of the equipment. Each type of lamination condition can be set.
    *TTC (Tape Tension Control) System : The TTC is a cutting-edge system, in which a microcomputer controls tape tension. It enables the tape to be laminated according to the tape type and back-end processing conditions. On the fully-automatic type, tape application torque and torque curve can be set and registered with the equipment's touch screen.
  • Host Communication Function
    (Communication Format: Conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: Conforms to GEM)
  • Double Cassette Loading
  • Wafer Box Loading
  • Wafer ID Reader
  • RFID Traceability System
Operation Process (RAD-3510F/12)
  1. Wafer Loading, Scanning, and Unloading
    Detection occurs by scanning wafers inside the cassette for transport. Based on these results, wafers are retrieved by a multi-axis robotic arm and transported to the alignment section.
  2. Wafer Alignment
    Taking V-notch or OF (Orientation Flat) as standard, the wafer's outer circumference is centered and the wafer is transported to the mounting table.
  3. BG Tape Lamination
    Back grinding tape is laminated by a press roller (roll-to-roll method). Low-tension lamination is realized with the latest TTC system.
  4. Tape Cutting
    Through the control of three-dimensional movement (x, y, Θ), the tape is cut by moving the cutter knife along the wafer's outer circumference.
  5. Residual Tape Processing
    The residual tape left after cutting is wound up into a roll.
  6. Wafer Storage
    The wafer is unloaded by robotic arm into a cassette.

Catalogue (PDF) Download

  1. Suitable for large diameter, thin wafers
    TTC system enables BG Tape to be laminated on the wafer without applying stress. Hence, the laminator can also be used for processing large diameter, thin wafers.
  2. Compactly Designed High Performance Laminator
    Suitable for small-lot production in the assembly process as well as research and development. While capable of handling 300mm wafers, the equipment's compact design allows the effective use of workspace.
  3. Easy-to-operate Semi-Automatic Type
    Once the wafer is set on the mounting table, the BG Tape can be automatically laminated and cut with simple control inputs.