LINTEC OF AMERICA, INC. - Advanced Technologies Division

LINTEC OF AMERICA was originally established in Tempe, AZ in April 1996 to handle all semiconductor related product sales in North America and South America for LINTEC Research Boston.

As the division grew, LINTEC OF AMERICA was officially registered as a wholly owned subsidiary of LINTEC Corporation in JAPAN in October 2000, serving customers, including top 5 semiconductor manufactures in our region, with its own independent sales and technical service team.

LINTEC OF AMERICA specializes in proprietary semiconductor manufacturing related products, called Adwill. These include a wide array of product lines featuring high-function adhesive tapes such as Non UV and UV dicing tape, BG surface protective tape, and die attach specialty films. Lintec is also the industry leader in Wafer Mounting Systems and UV Irradiation Systems.

A leader in providing technical innovation, LINTEC OF AMERICA offers solution to our customers that continue to push the envelope for performance and reliability.

From its modest beginnings in its early years, LINTEC OF AMERICA has expanded rapidly and promises to continue to grow in order to meet the great and important needs of our esteemed clientele.