Label For Clean Room Use

B Series Specifications

Product Name Base Material Standard
Sheet Count
Release Film Width
B-201C Polyester 50(W)
4,000 60
5,000 80

The Adwill B series consists of barcode labels for clean rooms featuring a label substrate that generates very little dust. These labels are ideal for control of production and distribution in industry fields where cleanliness is required, as for example in semiconductor fabrication processes or precision machinery production processes.

Heat-resistant Barcode Label

Lintec's heat-resistant barcode label features outstanding resistance not only to heat, but to solvent and abrasion as well. The label can be used for control of production and distribution in severe environments where heat and solvent resistance, in particular, are required such as semiconductor or printed circuit board fabrication processes. Depending on application, either of two label substrates is available - polyester film or polyimide film.