Backside Coating Tape

LC Tape Backside Coating Process (Video Clips)

Adwill LC Tape was developed to protect and reinforce a chip's backside in applications such as flip chip, in which the chip is mounted onto a substrate from the circuit surface. While protecting and reinforcing the chip's backside, the tape also blocks off light, reducing its adverse effects on the circuit surface. Since this product comes as a tape, uniformity in thickness can be maintained through simplified operations. Lamination can take place at relatively low temperatures so that the risk of circuit damage from heat is reduced.

  1. A special adhesive tape that reduces damage to the circuit surface by blocking off light at the same time that it protects and reinforces the chip's backside. Featuring both high quality and stability, the tape has passed reliability tests in environments of high temperature and humidity.
  2. Unlike a coating of liquid mold material, this product is available as a tape, ensuring outstanding uniformity in thickness, and allowing the simplification of conventional processes.
  3. Since laminations can be done at relatively low temperatures, damage to circuitry from heat is reduced. Can be used with Lintec's high performance laminator (RAD-3600F/12) for tape lamination, which in turn contributes to the structuring of highly reliable production lines.
  4. The tape is laminated to the chip's backside before dicing, which helps prevent wafer chipping during dicing.
  5. Laser markings such as the manufacturer's name or lot number can be inscribed on the tape's backside.
Process Flow