LC Tape Laminator

LC Tape Backside Coating Process (Video Clips)

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  1. LC Tape Laminator
    An optimal system has been realized based on the concept of maximizing the property of the backside coating tape (LC Tape) used in flip chip packaging.
  2. High-precision tape lamination attained
    By applying Lintec's unique lamination mechanism, high-precision tape lamination that prevents the formation of voids has been achieved.
  3. Internal tape pre-cutting mechanism
    The internal tape pre-cutting mechanism cuts the tape to wafer size prior to lamination, preventing potential wafer edge damage caused by the cutter after lamination.
  • Host Communication Function
    (Communication Format: Conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: Conforms to GEM)
  • Double Cassette Loading
  • Wafer ID Reader