Pressurized Curing System


RAD-9100 (Video Clips)

  1. Void elimination after die bonding.
    The heat curing process under high-pressure environment, helps eliminate fine air voids created after die bonding on uneven areas of substrates. Best suited for use with Lintec's dicing die bonding tape (LE Tape).
  2. Ability to set heating and pressurizing options.
    Operators are able to set desired heating temperatures and pressure levels to meet the required curing condition for each tape and substrate. Usable for precise control in each respective stage (step curing method).
  3. Convenient touch-panel data entry.
    Parameters are easily set by using a touch panel to select recipe for each product.
  4. Two types available.
    Product line-up includes equipments capable of handling small volume production such as in for research labs:RAD-9100-050, as well as large volume production:RAD-9100-450.
  5. No need for substrate baking process.
    Introduction of this process eliminates the need for substrate baking process prior to die bonding.