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LINTEC's semiconductor manufacturing related products include a wide array of lines. Our Adwill product consists of high-functioning adhesive tapes such as Non UV and UV dicing tape, wafer surface protective tape for BG process, backside laminate tape and die attach specialty films. Additionally, LINTEC is the industry leader in providing Wafer Mounting Systems and UV Irradiation Systems. 


Complete control of tape adhesion. The Lintec Adwill series includes UV curable dicing tapes, high performance back grinding tapes, dicing die bonding tapes required for semiconductor packaging, and backside coating tapes. Adwill continues to make steady progress in the advancement of related devices and unique back-end processing systems.

  • Tape

    A variety of tapes are available including surface protection, dicing, chip back protection and clean room labels.

  • Apparatus

    We offer a variety of equipment including tape laminators, tape removers, wafer mounters, UV irradiation devices and LC tape laminators. 

  • Process

    We offer products that support various processes including backgrinding, dicing/mounting and pre-dicing.


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